If you do this, you will no longer spend money on SIMs.

If you do this, you will no longer spend money on SIMs.

We currently all use SIMs of different operators. Some use Banglalink, some use Robi, some use Airtel, some use Airtel and some use Teletalk SIM. Whatever we use, one of our biggest problems is that many times money is deducted from our SIM. And today's post is written to solve this problem. I will show some codes in this post through which if any offer is active in your SIM then by using this code your active services will be de-activated.

All of us use the SIM of one or another company. So many times it is seen that when the money is filled, a message comes and the money is deducted or the money is deducted automatically. So today I will share the code to stop this money service of all SIMs through which you can stop the money deduction service.

So friends, let's not look at those codes.

* Dial * 9 # to stop all money service of Robi SIM

* Dial * 9 # to stop Airtel SIM deductible service

* Dial * 121 * 7 * 1 * 2 * 1 # for Banglalink SIM

* Dial * 121 * 6 * 1 # for Grameenphone

* To stop all the services of Teletalk SIM, first you go to the message option of your mobile, type in your message option Stop All, and send to 335.

This was the code to deduct money from all the SIMs. Hopefully, after using these codes, you will no longer deduct money from your SIM.

I hope you have benefited a lot from reading this post. If you want to read our posts regularly, please submit this website to us with your e-mail address.

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