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How to protect your account from hackers
I hope you are all well. Facebook is the biggest 'battery eater' app for Android phones. Not only the battery but also a large part of the phone's RAM and processing power is consumed by Facebook alone. Those who have 4 or more RAM in their phone and a very powerful processor, they do not face this problem, but the pressure of Facebook can be seen in the phone with two gigabytes of RAM. In that case, it is better to run Facebook without using the main app.

Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox

It is possible to use almost all the basic features by running Facebook in any browser easily without the pressure of additional apps on the phone. There are two sites using Facebook in the browser, and https: // In addition, there is for using Facebook without additional cost and without buying a separate data pack. However, there is no way to view pictures or videos. is ideal for app-like interfaces, and high-quality image, and video usage, but is not paired for low data and RAM usage. But the biggest problem with using the browser is that there is no way to show live video. No way to find friends using location or sync contacts. Apart from this, all the other features, even notifications can be found from the browser.

Facebook Lite

Facebook's own light app Facebook Lite can be used to reduce stress on the phone. The interface and features of the Lite app, like many basic sites, do not have the advantage of using live or location.  The quality of pictures and videos is also very low. Even then, Facebook Lite can be used to reduce the pressure on older models or low-power phones. If Messenger Lite is used, then there is no point. Even on a phone with only 1 GB of RAM, these two apps will give you a way to use most of the features of Facebook. As a bonus, data is also less used in these apps. The problem is the same - the lite version is not as full of features as the original Facebook app.

Faster for Facebook Lite

This app is based on Facebook's basic website. Messenger and Facebook, the two apps he is able to work with alone. The app has a dark mode, and there is a messenger chat head. The app also uses very little data. Those who need to use Facebook Lite on their phones can improve their experience by using 'Faster for Facebook Lite'. The app is licensed by Google and is completely secure. Extra available, video and GIF viewing facilities.

Friendly for Facebook

Many people want to customize his Facebook app. Innovation in different themes, buttons and interfaces, from changing fonts to various changes. These can be easily done using the 'Friendly for Facebook app. It will have both Facebook app and messenger features. It has the feature to change the theme, you can change the font if you want. But its biggest feature is the convenience of filtering the newsfeed. If you don't want to see a post on a topic or topic, if you blacklist its keyword or keyword, no related post will be seen in the feed. There is a lot of need for blacklists these days, especially in the age of all the scary content going viral. The original app is free, but some features require in-app purchases.

Swipe for Facebook

Ever wanted your Facebook app to use an interface like Google Plus or other social media? ‘Swipe for Facebook’ can be used for that work. The app also has the advantage of using themes, and there is also the advantage of Messenger. The app offers chathead, material design, and access to more than 30 languages. Most of the features of the original Facebook app can be found in it, in some cases there are also some additional features, such as multiple layouts.  However, in-app purchase is required for all features. Swipe's interface is better than almost all apps.

Tinfoil for Facebook

The Facebook app uploads a lot of data from the phone to the server since it is launched in the background. There have been repeated rumors that Facebook is using search information, browser information, and even information on what apps are being used on the phone. There is no end to the debate over its true-false; But for those who just want to be careful not to find a solution to the argument, the app 'Tinfoil for Facebook'. There is no advertisement, no permission. Facebook will not be able to take any information about your phone through Tinfoil. It also works using the mobile Facebook site. So the feature is just that much. What is missing is the ability to upload, live and chat. 

Swift for Facebook Lite

The download size of the app is only 30 MB. And only 20 MB using RAM. Not more than a hair. The app has all the features of the original Facebook Lite app, with the addition of the Messenger feature. It is as if it has been made keeping in mind the ‘Android Go’ device. It also has some advanced features compared to light apps like uploading photos or videos, and tagging.

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