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How Tow Download Videos From Youtube.

How Tow  Download Videos From Youtube.
Hello viewers, we all use YouTube right now.

 I watch various videos on YouTube. There are many of us who use Wi-Fi who do not need to download YouTube videos. But those of us who use mobile networks or megabytes do not always have megabytes which is why we need to download YouTube videos.

Today I will share with you an application through which you can easily download videos from Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Without any hassle. You can understand how helpful this application is.

Then I will tell you the details about the application without any further delay and you will understand how to download this application by reading this post.

You will not find the application in Google Play Store. If you search on Google, you will find many applications but one will not work properly.

So if you download from the link below, you can download very easily.

Download Now This link:https://www.snaptube.com/

Once downloaded from the link above. May ask for some permission on your mobile. Since this application is not in Google Play Store, you will need permission on your mobile. You will see for yourself whether it is safe for your mobile. If it is safe, then install the application on your mobile and open it.

If you open the application, a kind of interface will come. You will open everything.

Now you will have a question, I downloaded and installed the application, now how do we download YouTube videos to our mobile?

To know how to download YouTube videos, first you need to open the YouTube application on your mobile. The video you want to download after opening. Click on that video. After clicking, the video will open. Now when you look down, there is a share button. You click here once. Now you will see that you have just downloaded the application. Click on it and you will see that there are many shapes of the video.
Select the size of video you want to download. If you select, you will see that your video will start downloading.

And if you want to download videos from Facebook or Instagram, then go to Facebook and copy the video link of the video you want to download and paste it in this application, you will see a button. From there you can download.

Thank you all for being good and healthy.

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