If you remember a password, you will remember all the passwords.

If you remember a password, you will remember all the passwords.
I hope everyone is well. We often open different types of accounts in many places due to which we do not remember the password of everything. Many people write their passwords in different places to remember or write them on a note pad which makes our passwords easily known to others. And we have to face many problems. Again, there are many people who use the same password repeatedly so that the password is not forgotten, because of which many passwords are hacked. If we really forget the password, we have a problem. If we say remember a password, then remember the password of everything.

The matter is very interesting. If you have read this post, you can solve the problem of forgetting the password. Because we will share with you a tip that will benefit everyone.

We often have to remember different passwords. The matter is a very difficult one. So we are sharing an application with you. After installing this application, you will be able to remember any of your difficult passwords. If you remember only one password here, it will be possible to remember all the passwords.

If you need the application, you can go to your Google Play Store and search by typing Last Pass. After searching, the application will come in front of you. You will download and install the application.

Now you need to create an account here. You enter a valid email address, then a solid master password, and then submit a confirmed password to create an account. Try to make the password difficult. An example password is shown: Bangla * dEsh570 @ #. You enter a password that reminds you of your password. Basically, you need to remember this master password. Forget this master password, but you can no longer get this account.

If you forget this master password and try to login again, your account will be automatically suspended. So that you can remember

Give the password. And the funny thing here is that you have a fingerprint system so that you don't have to type in the password again and again. If you somehow master

If you forget the password, you can log in the account with the help of a fingerprint sensor.

Once the account is fully created, you will add all the account address passwords you have in this application. Now only remember the master password of the Last Pass application, all the passwords will be remembered.

I hope this post will be useful to many. So you will share this post with your friends.

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