How To Earn Money From Youtube

How To Earn Money From Youtube
 Today our topic will be: - How to make money from YouTube?

Welcome to Ahasan Tech. Hope you have a good and healthy body and mind. Are you going to start working on the new YouTube? If you want to start working on YouTube, then read this post carefully. Because by reading this post, you will know how you can earn money from YouTube as well as work on YouTube.

Did you know that you can now make money by making YouTube videos? For this you have to think well first. Which category would you make the video in? There are many topics for making videos on YouTube, such as: Funny, Review, Cartoon, Vlog, Gaming, Cooking, Editing, in addition to many other categories of videos can be made.

Now we are talking about how to make money by making YouTube videos. Keep working on the topic you are making the video on. When you have 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watchtime on your YouTube channel. This means that people will have to watch your video for 4000 hours and give the video of your topic to 1000 people. Then the monetization of your video will be on. After that there will be an ad show on your YouTube channel.

When everything is complete for you. Then you need to create an AdSense account. After that the ad will start showing in your video. AdSense letter will come to your channel when it becomes $ 10. There will be a six digit code with which you will add a bank account. Then when you have $ 100, you can withdraw money from YouTube through your nearest bank.

If you want to make more money from YouTube, then you need to sponsor different companies because you have more money from YouTube and the company's sponsors. And if you don't get a sponsor then there are various e-commerce companies websites where you will be paid commission if you sell their products. Plus you can make more money from YouTube in other ways.

Why would YouTube pay you?

Since YouTube is a video platform and Google is the go-to. So Google takes different advertisements from different big companies or organizations for promotion. From there, some content creators like us get promoted by Google through Create. Since many people watch different videos on YouTube. YouTube content creators have some payments in exchange for promoting various ads through YouTube monetization and this is how you can earn money from YouTube.

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