How To Online free call unlimited minutes?

How To Online free call unlimited minutes?

I hope you are all well. Those of you who use smart phones. They have to talk in many places for different reasons. You must recharge your mobile first while talking. But at present, everything has become much easier through various application development. We all have smart phones with which it is now very easy to talk in any part of the world. Even a few days ago we used to recharge a lot of money mobile to talk from one country to another and then talk for a very short time.

But now those of us who use emo, facebook, whatsapp, can talk. Even if these applications are useful, we have to create an account. Due to which many people think it is a problem. But today we will share with you an application through which you can talk to any country for free.

Only audio can be spoken through this application.

You can talk to your customers using it for your business purpose and for the website.

Only audio can be spoken through this application.

You can talk to your customers using it for your business purpose and for the website.

Let us know the details about this application.

The name of this free talking application is FreeFly881 Developer is Genre: telephony. This application is designed for Android and iPhone.

FreeFly881 is an app designed for business - no matter if you are involved or a part-time babysitter - to make free voice calls worldwide. Its creators have chosen the theme of consumer-friendly philosophy that nowadays voice calling should be free (thanks to data networks), without roaming fees and limited plans. So, FreeFly881 powered on iOS and Android devices lets you do just that.

It is designed in the form of Yellow Pages directory type, only with the option to call a number directly now with no invitation and acceptance process. If you have your unique free fly phone number in the system, you can access it. And if you don’t feel comfortable registering your actual phone number, FF can create a random number for you.

See below to get all your questions answered: -

How do I download the FreeFly881 application?

You can download it from Google Play Store or App Store.

Downlod This Application:

How do I create a new account in the FreeFly881 application?

When your FreeFly881 application is downloaded, you will click on the Sign Up button. After clicking, first select your country. For example:,( Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, U.S.A And UK)  If you select the country code will come in front of you, you will enter your mobile number. Then a 6 digit code will come to your mobile. After you enter the code, click on the Next button. How many numbers will come in front of you, you can select any number of your choice and line it up with a screenshot. Now enter your name, and the password for that number. (You can give me a profile picture if you want). Your account has been completed.

How can I talk to everyone with the help of FreeFly881 application?

When you go to talk to your friend, click on the profile icon and then on the QR Code. You will see a QR code. Give this QR Code to your friend. When your friend clicks on this QR code, the call will come to your mobile.

And when you talk to your friend, you can talk to your friend's QR code by scanning your mobile.

Do I need to scan the QR code every time?

No, once scanned, your mobile will be automatically saved.

How can you talk to a customer of the website by entering the code FreeFly881?

After clicking on the profile button in the FreeFly881 application, you will see this option “Call Botun”. You simply copy this code and put it on your website. Then when your customer wants to contact you, they will scan the QR Code and the call will come to you.

You can talk to FreeFly881 unlimited through this application. However, you will have to spend a small amount of megabytes. With this application you can talk anywhere in the world.

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