Copy and paste money making system!

Copy and paste money making system!

We all like to make money online. There are various mediums online from which it is possible to earn huge amount of money. You can earn money from the medium that I will share with you today, but first you have to work a little harder. After hearing this, many of you may cancel reading this post. But I would say if you read this post then you will understand everything.

Many of you are wondering what online work we have to wait for. Your job is to shorten a link and share that link on various social sites. When someone clicks on that link, your income will start.

You can better understand how to do this by reading this post.

Name of the website: Zalink


You create an account with your correct username, valid e-mail, and password. Now you will get a verification link in your mail. You will activate your account by clicking on that link. If your account is activated properly, you can now login to the device on which you created this account.

When your account is complete, you will be brought to the dashboard. First of all you have to complete your profile. Then select your payment method. And the most interesting thing is that money can be taken for development from here. If only 1. If you wish, you can earn  4 to  5 per day.

You can earn money from here in two ways.

1. Short links.

2. By referring friends.

How to shorten the link?

You can copy the link of any YouTube video or any newspaper and paste it in the short link icon on this website. As soon as you paste, you will see that the link will become short. Now you have to market this short link. The more people who click on this link, the more you will earn.

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