Don't miss 5 Android apps this week!

Don't miss 5 Android apps this week!

Hope you all are well. It is normal for those of us who use Android mobile to have different types of apps on our mobile. But this week, Android is launching 5 apps that you should not miss. Read this post to know more about these 5 apps.

5 best new games and apps for this week

Warhammer: Odyssey

Warhammer: Odyssey Warhammer is a new MMORPG set in the universe. The game boasts six classes, 12 specializations and a natural assortment of MMORPG social elements. When it comes to playing games, it's tough, if somewhat common, MMORPG experience. You've run around, finished entire searches, killed bad guys, and progressed through the story. It also has decent graphics and easy controls so it doesn't take long to learn how to play. There are a few bugs that are ideal for new games, but most of them are small things that the developer should be able to clean up quickly enough.

Google Pay

Google has officially relaunched its Google Pay app. It started working in November and the full version is now available. The app still has most of the key features. But it puts a lot more emphasis on sending money to people like Venmo or a cash app than paying NFC. So, the whole UI is different to adjust to that new focus. You can't send money on the web anymore, it's a shame. But if you want, you can scan your Gmail and Google Photos data for records for some cash back options. It’s just the way you would expect it to be in some ways and worse than others.

Abyss: The Phantom of Rebirth

Abyss: The Rebirth Phantom is a lazy RPG. Players go to play and start adventures in another world. The lazy part of the game is basically auto-batting. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. English localization is below average with obvious grammatical errors. Also, the summons system seems a bit messy for some people. It certainly needs some correction, but there are some promises for fans of the genre.


Flexil is a note-taking application that blends in with a PDF reader. The app has started its successful life in iOS and should be officially launched on Android soon. The application lets you read, comment and organize your PDF files. You can also organize and check other types of documents and notes. It's a fairly powerful app with a bunch of different features that revolve around organization, PDF and note taking as a whole. It is in beta right now and you can press the button below to sign up for the beta version. Just be prepared for bugs because this is a trial version

Blade and Spirit: Revolution

Blade and Soul: A New MMORPG from Revolution NetMarble. This one actually has several promises. The graphics are quite decent and have a lot to do. It features a more complex style although you can only auto-fight if you want. It even includes faction battles with up to 500 players on each server. Otherwise, it has a solid MMORPG basis with plenty of ways to customize your character. Whether it succeeds will depend on NetMarble but it has a good base so we hope they build on it properly.

The 5 games and apps that have been shared will be available on Google Play Store and can be used for free.

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