Bangladeshi server is coming to free-fire game!

Bangladeshi server is coming to free-fire game! Currently, the most popular Battle Royale or Battlefield games are Free-Fire. Which was first published in Playstore in 2017. Although the game did not gain popularity in the beginning, it has gradually gained a lot of popularity. In the beginning, those who played Bangladeshi free-fire games had to play the game on another server. A few days later we were brought to the Indian server. I have been playing games on Indian servers for a long time. But there is great news for those who are Bangladeshi gamers because Free-Fire Game is officially bringing a server to Bangladesh so that we can play games with our Bangladeshi friends.

We got this update from the official Facebook Page of Free-Fire Games.

A separate server is coming for Bangladesh for free-fire games. So everyone get ready to get the native gaming experience.

Currently you need to pre-register the game to join the server in Bangladesh. And the pre-registrar time of this game will be till 6th June 2021. So everyone pre-register early.

How do I pre-register for Bangladesh server?

To get Bangladesh server in free-fire game, you have to pre-register by clicking on the link below.


Now you will see this type of interpage. You now click on pre-register.

Now you need to login with your free-fire ID. Login with the free-fire you need to create. (Example: Facebook, Google or Twitter)

The diameter of your pre-register is completely complete. You can now win a T-shirt by sharing this pre-registered link with your friends.

Can I join the partner program in the free-fire game from Bangladesh?

You can join the partner program from Bangladesh from 3 platforms, YouTube, Facebook and TikTok However, your video content must be 80% free-fire game related.

How much subscription and follow does it take to join a partner program?

* You will need a minimum of 100K subscriptions for YouTube.

* Facebook will require a minimum of 100K followers.

* TikTok requires a minimum of 200K followers.

Annihilation Bangladeshi First Battle Royale Games 2021.

Download Annihilation Game Beta Version Download

We already have two well-known gaming YouTube channels, Mr. Tripler and Gaming with Zihad, joining the Gerina Free-Fire Partner Program.

Join Now Partner Program

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