Easy rules to bring Nagad from the bank!

Bank To Nogod

 Recently, the facility of bringing money from bank to Nogod account has been introduced. As a result, the custome Taka of the bank will be able to bring Nogod from their own bank accounts. And you don't have to bother to Nogod in Nogod with any agent. From now on, with the help of your smart phone, you can bring money from 13 banks in Bangladesh to your Nogod account and it is completely free.


This "Bank to Nogod" ad money service for Nogod allows you to recharge your mobile balance using your bank account from anywhere in the world. You can add money from the bank five times a day to any Nogod account from a minimum of Taka 50 to a maximum of Taka 30,000. As such, a total of Taka 200,000 can be added to the Nogod account 25 times per year.


 From which banks in Bangladesh money can be brought in Nogod?

 At present, Nogod is being brought from 13 banks in Bangladesh. However, we hope that soon money can be brought in Nogod from all banks in Bangladesh. Nogod can be brought in from multiple banks including app, web. The banks from which Nogod can be withdrawn are: -


Midland Bank (via app)


Exim Bank (via web)


Mutual Trust Bank (via web)


First Security Islami Bank (via app)


Community Bank (via app)


Shahjalal Islami Bank (via app)


NRB Bank (via app)


Social Islami Bank (via app and web)


Premier Bank (via app and web)


IFIC Bank (via Fund Transfer Portal)


Union Bank (via app and web)


NRBC Bank (via app and web)


National Bank (via web)


How to bring Nogod from the bank?


If you want to bring Nogod from the bank, you have to add a beneficiary. To add beneficiaries:


 FiTakat enter the "Nogod" app


Select "Add Money"


Select "Bank to Nogod"


Select Bank


Log in to the bank's internet banking app or website


Click "Ad Beneficiary" or "Manage Beneficiary" (below Fund Transfer / Transfer to Nogod)


Follow the steps to add a 'Nogod' account as a beneficiary


Beneficiaries can now transfer funds to a 'Nogod' account


After adding the beneficiary ID, you will be able to withdraw money from the bank to the 'Nogod' account. To bring Nogod from the bank


Log in to the Nogod app.


Select "Add Money".


Select "Bank to Nogod".


Select Bank.


Log in to the bank's internet banking app or web.


Select Fund Transfer / Transfer to 'Nogod'.


Select 'Nogod' account from the beneficiary list.


Select Bank Debit Account.


Give the amount of money and write the reason.


Type OTP.


Click the Confirm button.


You will receive a confirmation SMS at the end of the transfer.


 How much does it cost to bring Nogod from a bank?

 No fee is applicable for bringing money from the bank. In other words, it will not cost a penny to bring from your bank money. You can bring your Nogod from 13 banks in Bangladesh completely free of cost. Nogod useTaka can also add money to 'Nogod' accounts from outside the country by using the internet banking of the mentioned banks. However, the 'Nogod' app can only be used in Bangladesh.


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