Free-fire PUBG Online games may be Banned in Bangladesh!

FreeFire PUBG Banned In Bangladesh
Currently, the most popular online games among the Battle Royale games are Free-Fire and PUBG. These two games became very popular during the Corona and also in the number of downloads. We actually see a news online again and again that the free-fire and PUBG games will be banned or canceled from Bangladesh. We will discuss the subject today. Earlier, the PUBG game was banned for a while but it was re-launched. The Bangladesh Telecommunication Commission has made recommendations to the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Ministry of Education. The issue is also discussed in the Parliamentary Standing Committee on the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications. Concerns were raised about the addiction to those two games. Recently, the Bangladesh Mobile Phone Subscribers Association has called for urgent steps to control free fire and pubs. According to the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, the two games have created addiction among teenagers and young adults.
If the free-fire and PUBG games are abruptly discontinued, there may be a negative effect on the players of these two games. Therefore, steps will be taken to stop the two games in a healthy and alternative way. Those who are addicted to such games can play the game in various alternative ways including VPN. Alternative steps will be taken for him.

Garena Free Fire (also known as Free Fire Battlegrounds or Free Fire) is a Battle Royale game. The game, which was released on Google Playstore in 2016, was not very popular at first, but it became very popular at the end of 2019 and during the Coronation period and was downloaded a lot from Google Play Store. Currently the number of downloads of this game is more than 500 million.

Currently working on an improved version of Freefire known as Freefire Max. The game involves 50 or more players who fall from a parachute on an island in search of weapons and equipment to kill another player. He will be given a "Booya" or a winner as long as he can kill an enemy or an enemy.

On the other hand, another popular battle is Royal Online Games PUBG 'Player Unknown Battlegrounds' (PUBG). The game should be stopped due to its negative impact on the society and the fear that it is making students and teenagers violent, said the concerned. In the mobile version of the PUBG game, many people landed together on a battlefield. As long as a single soldier survives the war has to be played.

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