How to download Android Studio

How to download Android Studio

Those of us who want to create Android games or mobile apps need a software to create their apps. Android Studio is the name of the software through which games or mobile apps are developed, which was later launched on Google Play Store. Many of us want to do programming. But many of us are going backwards day by day due to not getting proper guidelines. Those who want to develop programs or Android games or apps need to do a course. And it is possible to become a programmer through proper guidelines. If you do not have the opportunity to do a good course, you can take the help of online. There are thousands of courses on online programming from where you can become an expert on programming. Apart from a few popular online based courses like Ghoori Learning, Udemy, Freelancer Nasim, (App Developer Jobayer Hossain}, there are many other online based courses that can be used to become a good programmer. So anyway

Our topic today is how to download Android Studio software and how to setup on a computer or laptop.

Android Studio To download this software, you have to go to the Google Chrome browser of your choice or any other browser. Now type Android Studio in the search box and you will see a website will suggest in the search results. You will visit the first search website.

After visiting the website, you can see the download button. You can also download it by clicking here. And if you are an Apple user, scroll down a bit and you will see Windows (64Bit), Mac (64Bit), Linux (64Bit) Chorome OS versions. You can download to your computer or laptop by selecting what you use and clicking on the download button.

Once downloaded to your device. Simply install it and then it's time to set it up. To set it up, you have to keep your PC open for a long time. So try to keep the auto sleeping mode of your computer or laptop off. Make sure the display is not turned off until it is set up on your PC.

When setup, you can create any apps or games of your choice and upload them to Google Play Store or other marketplaces.

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