What is Facebook Marketing? How is Facebook marketing done?

What is Facebook Marketing? How is Facebook marketing done?

 We use social media almost every day or at any time. And when we talk about social media, Facebook comes to our mind. And whose current users are currently more than 1 billion. In the future, the number of users will continue to grow day by day. Now is our time to create a small business of our own using Facebook. Because of this many more competitors will grow which will make it very difficult to generate your cell.

What is Facebook marketing our topic today? Why marketing through Facebook?

The whole subject will be discussed with you through this post.

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Facebook is a huge social media platform where there are different people from different countries so that any product or service can easily generate sales. However, you must find a targeted audience to generate sales of your product.

What is Facebook Marketing?

Facebook marketing is a means of communication that informs Facebook users about business products and services. Facebook marketing gives more people an idea about the product and ensures that more products are sold.

How is Facebook marketing done?

You must have a Facebook page to do Facebook marketing. And that page needs to be well customized. Once customized, you need to post pictures or videos of your product regularly. The reason for this post is that the more you post, the more your Facebook page will reach or reach more people. And your page will keep getting likes and followers so that it will reach your audience as soon as you post. And if the audience likes that product, they will contact you and at some point they will buy the product. And this way you can generate good sales by marketing from your Facebook page.

And if you have a big Facebook group, then there is no point. Because you have a huge audience where you will start communicating with just by posting and this is how the basics of Facebook marketing are done.

How many types of Facebook marketing?

There are two main types of Facebook marketing.

(1) Free marketing

(2) Paid marketing

What is free Marketing?

Free Facebook marketing. The marketing that is done for free or without any kind of money is usually called Facebook marketing. For example, you have a Facebook page or a large Facebook group and that page or group has many members. And as soon as you post to these members, sales will start to generate, and this is how Facebook free marketing is done.

What is  Paid Marketing? 

Usually all the posts that are written sponsored in the Facebook news feed are paid Facebook marketing. All small and large businesses can use this marketing to provide details about the product to the desired customer.

In this case, the name of marketing on Facebook by spending a certain amount of money is paid Facebook marketing.

It is possible to reach a select customer through paid Facebook marketing. If we want our products to be seen only by women or men living in Uttara of Dhaka city, it is possible through paid Facebook marketing. Facebook pages and posts are promoted for paid Facebook marketing. Facebook presents pages and posts to designated customers in the form of advertisements by paying Facebook authorities. This is not possible through free Facebook marketing.

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