The first iPhone of 1 terabyte is coming!

The first iPhone of 1 terabyte is coming!

 Apple has finally put an end to months of speculation and rumors. The US tech giant has unveiled new models of iPhone, Apple Watch and iPad. As the first iPhone, 1 terabyte of memory has been added to the iPhone 13 Pro model.

Apple did not show anything new to surprise fans and critics at the September 14 California Streaming event. Instead, the BBC has commented that the company has gradually tried to improve its previous services. However, the new iPhone may be of special importance to professionals associated with the photography and cinematography industries as the hardware and features of different devices.

 The number 13 is considered by many as an 'evil' number. So Apple may stop adding numbers to the iPhone from 2021 - some technology fans thought. In the end, that fear was not proved true. The device has been named as 'iPhone 13'.

Apple will market these four versions of the new iPhone - iPhone 13, Mini, Pro and Pro Max. The Pro model will have a maximum memory of 1 terabyte. There was not so much memory facility in any previous iPhone. The iPhone 128 Mini will have a minimum 128 GB memory chip.

Apple CEO Tim Cook emphasized the use of recyclable materials in its construction when talking about the new iPhone in Apple Live streaming. Apple also said that the antennas of the new iPhone are made of material collected from discarded plastic bottles. The new iPhone also has 5G connectivity.

A15 bionic chipset has been used in the new iPhone. The six-core CPU has two ‘high-performance cores’ and four ‘high-efficiency cores’. The speed of the chipset's neural engine has increased.

And the five-core GPU will increase graphics performance by 50 percent, said Greg Joswick, Apple's senior vice president of global marketing. He also claims that the graphics performance of the iPhone 13 Pro is the fastest compared to any other smartphone in the market.

The camera system of iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max has got special importance in Applestreaming event. These two models have three back cameras. Apple says this is their "state-of-the-art camera system" so far.

The iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max have 8mm focal length equivalent telephoto lenses. Both models have a second camera with an ultra wide lens, which allows you to take pictures at an F1.8 aperture. Apple has called the third camera 'Wide Camera' only, but it can also take pictures at an F1.5 aperture.

Macro photography can be done on iPhone 13. There are 'Photographic Styles' feature for professional photographers. It can hold "professional quality" 4K videos of 30 frames per second.

In terms of battery life, the iPhone 13 Pro will last one hour and 30 minutes longer than the iPhone 12 Pro. And the iPhone 13 Pro Max will last two hours and 30 minutes longer than the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Super Retina XDR display will make gaming, animation and scrolling easier.

The iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max will be priced at  999 and  1099, respectively. The iPhone 13 and Mini versions will be priced at  699 and 699, respectively.

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