Facebook earns 37,00 per second, loss 66 million in five hours

Facebook earns 73,800 per second, lose 6 million in five hours

 It's not just a matter of Facebook's profit and loss. Last Monday, Facebook's site went global, hitting Facebook as well as Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp. 

Facebook's advertising revenue has also been affected by this unexpected disruption. Experts say this is the biggest blow to Facebook.

Snoops, a fact-checking website interested in finding out how much advertising revenue has fallen from the social networking giant Facebook in downtime, says the figure is at least  668 million.

Snoops looked at Facebook's recent quarterly report to find out. On June 30, 2021, during the three-month period, Facebook has published information about the revenue of 26.6 billion dollars from advertising.

Snoops says Facebook earns 8,318 million a day from advertising, according to sources. According to him, Facebook earns about  13 million per hour from advertising,  220,000 per minute and 73,600 per second.

Meanwhile, Facebook could not provide service for five hours last Monday. During this time they have also been deprived of advertising revenue. As a result, Facebook has lost 6 million dollars from advertising. If the site had been shut down for some more time, the loss to Facebook would have risen to  69 million.

Source: Digital Trends.

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