Facebook name change, new name 'Meta'

Facebook name change, new name 'Meta'

The name of the corporate company of Facebook has been changed to 'Meta'. The names of all the apps under Facebook will remain unchanged.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg made the announcement at Facebook's annual conference on Thursday.

"We believe metaverse is going to be the successor to the Internet," he said in the announcement. This will change the future of the Internet.

As the main organization, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp will be under the meter. Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, said that this is the future plan of the company as part of the 'Metaverse or Surreal World' project.

In this regard, the detailed plan of the social media is also highlighted. An investment of 50 million dollars was also announced to build 'Metaverse'.

 As a result of this change, the name of its other services including Facebook will not change. Names of services like Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger will remain the same. Meta will be its parent company.

The same model is being followed in the new branding of Facebook, just as Google created the mother company Alphabet six years ago.

Facebook name change, new name 'Meta'

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