New Android operating system.

New Android operating system.
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The latest version of the world's most popular smartphone and smart device operating system Android - Android 11 has arrived. On September 8, Google announced a new version of Android. For now, Google's Pixel device, One Plus, Xiaomi and some other Apo devices will get this version.It was initially thought that the new Android would only be open to Pixel devices. Because every time a new Android comes, Google takes this step. But this time, not only for Pixel devices, but also Google has released new Android updates on some phones of some other brands.

Google's own smartphone brand Pixel's Two, Three, Three-A, Four and Four are getting new Android. In addition to this, One Plus Eight and Eight Pro are getting new Android. But not in all countries; OnePlus phones of these two models currently used in North America, Europe and India are getting new Android. Apart from this, Apo X-2, Renault Three, Realm's X-Fifty Pro, Shaomi's MI 10 and MI Ten Pro are also getting a taste of the new Android.

Several new features have been added to Android 11. However, the main focus of this version was to make the existing features easier. The big change is that new chats in any messaging app will be bubbled on the home screen. That means messaging apps can be accessed very easily.

In addition, media control, new screenshot interface, system-level smart home control system has been added, which can be accessed by pressing the home button a little more time. In addition to this, more control has been put in place on how much permission will be given to which device.

While the new Android has been unveiled for a number of phones, some of the features will only be available on Pixel phones. One of these is the new AR-location sharing, which will make it easier to share location with friends or family. In addition, smart reply facility has been added to the G board which will work in all messaging apps.

The idea is that new Android will be unveiled for several more devices in the next few weeks. However, no specific information has been released from Google in this regard.

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