500 MB bonus if you register in Banglalink application.

500 MB bonus if you register in Banglalink application.

I hope you are all well. Many thanks to all of you for reading our new Bangla post.

Today's post is going to be very special for those of you who are using Banglalink Dim. Because today we will show you how to get 500 MB bonus by registering in Banglalinki SIM application. I will also show you how to get bonus on 25 MB internet free every day.

There are many of us who search on internet for banglalink sim bonus offer but we rarely get any good offer or bonus offer for free so if you are a subscriber of banglalink sim then read this post then you can also get 500 You can get 25 MB per day with MB bonus.

What to do to get 500 MB bonus in Banglalink SIM?

To get Banglalink 500 MB bonus, you need to register a new account in Banglalink's official application.

To register, you can download the My Banglalink application from the Google Play Store on your mobile and install it on your mobile.

Download the Banglalink application by clicking here: - https://bit.ly/3iExWOZ

When it is installed on your mobile, you will open it. Now you need to create an account in this place. To sign in, tap on Sign Up and then submit with your username, e-mail address, mobile number, password. As soon as you submit, an O.T.P or 7 digit verification code will come to your mobile number. If you copy that code and put it in the blank space, your account will be successfully opened.

And sometimes if a verification code goes to your mail address, you will activate the account by clicking on that verification link. Your work is quite complete. Now you will have to wait for a while and you will see that your Banglalink SIM has reached 500 MB. You can use everything with this 500 MB.

 What to do to get 25 megabytes per day?

In order to get 25 MB internet every day, you have to come to this banglalink application and login once, then after a while you will get 25 MB every day. Those who use the internet a lot may not like these offers.

There are many mobiles who have various problems when they install the Banglalink application. For example, the phone becomes very slow.

There is a solution for them. Those who have such problems can use Banglalink's light application.

Go to Google Play Store and search by typing My BL LIte, the application will come. You can download and login, and if you login here every day, you will get 25 MB bonus.

Download the Banglalink application by clicking here: - https://bit.ly/3iExWOZ

This is how you can get 500 MB bonus and 25 MB login bonus every day by registering in Banglalink application.

So don't be late and register early.

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