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Hope you are all well and healthy. Those of us who want to do business online or anything else definitely need a website or blog site. And if you want to make a website, you have to work hard. And you have to buy a domain and hosting to create a website and keep it online. There are many domain hosting purchase websites around the world. Although domains can be purchased from there, if someone buys from our foreign website in Bangladesh, then the payment method is Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, and other payment methods, so not everyone can buy domain and hosting. So today we will share with you some of our domain and hosting purchase websites in Bangladesh. I hope you enjoy this post.

 DIANAHOST.COM is one of the most reliable domain hosting companies in Bangladesh. You can buy any domain and host from here at a very low price. Here you will find all types of domains. And the funny thing is that you can easily buy the domain and hosting through all mobile banking.

Dhaka Web Host

Dhaka Web Host is one of the most reliable domain hosting companies in Bangladesh. These web hosting companies offer services at affordable prices. This company provides a web host service of 500 MB space for only 600 taka. Apart from this, this Dhaka web host company provides a web service of unlimited space for only Tk 6,000.

Alpha Net

Alpha Net is another reliable domain hosting company in Bangladesh. Alpha Net Company has been providing this web hosting service for almost 20 long years since 2001. They provide domain hosting as well as various web design services. And if you want, you can go to Alpha Net's office and pay them.

Web Host BD:

Web Host BD is one of the most reputable domain hosting companies in Bangladesh. This company has been providing much better service since 2012. And as a result of providing this good service, this company has become quite popular. This hosting company provides an SSL Certificate. They also offer great hosting facilities like VPS Server, 

Hosting Bangladesh:

Another popular hosting company in Bangladesh is Hosting Bangladesh. This company is very popular today because it provides many good services. They have about 7000 customers in Bangladesh alone. This hosting company provides an SSL Certificate.


Web is a popular web hosting company providing good services at very low prices. Like all other companies, this hosting company also provides SSL certificates. This company's payment system is great. Customers can pay for web hosting monthly or even for a year if they want.

We Host Dhaka:

We Host Dhaka is one of the most popular hosting companies in the country offering hosting for only 500  taka. They have many great packages to attract customers. Such as Business Package, Business Pro Package, Beginning Package, and Advanced Package. The customer can take any package as per his requirement from this company.

X on Host:

One of the other domain hosting providers in Bangladesh is X on Host. It is one of the domain hosting companies in Bangladesh. Although their service charge is relatively high, the quality of their service is remarkable. In a word, their customer support is also amazing. Among the data centers of several locations used by them, there is a data center called Trier-3 in Bangladesh.

Zion BD:

Zion BD, one of the web hosting companies in Bangladesh, is providing good quality service with a good reputation. This web hosting company is working hard in the country as well as abroad. Large companies like American Express and this web hosting company. Among the company's achievements are Cipanel's NOC Partnership and the "Brand Leadership Award". Anyone can take hosting from here.

Code for Host:

One of the other domain hosting providers in Bangladesh is Code for Host. The company has been running its web hosting business honestly for over 10 long years since its business started in 2011. One of the great things about them is that they have a lot of great packages to attract customers.

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