How To Create a gmail Account?

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Hope you are all well and healthy. The most important thing for those of us who use smartphones or computers is a Gmail or a Google account. Those of us who use different devices must have a Gmail. Today we will look at how to create a Gmail account professionally. (HOW TO CREATE A GMAIL ACCOUNT PROFESSIONALLY?)

 What can a Gmail account do for you?

A professional Gmail account can tell you an asset. Because you have created a lot of accounts through this Gmail. So it is your responsibility to protect your Gmail account.

(1) To create a new Facebook account.

(2) To create accounts on different websites.

(3) To conduct various activities online.

(4) To create an account in different online games.

(5) To create a YouTube channel account.

(6) To create a new account on all social networking sites.

(7) To create a bank account.

You can also use your Gmail account for various purposes.

If you want to create a Gmail account in a professional way, read the following part carefully.

If you want to create a Gmail account professionally: (IF YOU WANT TO CREATE A GMAIL ACCOUNT PROFESSIONALLY)

To create a Gmail account with a computer or desktop or mobile, first you have to go to GOOGLE and search by typing GMAIL.COM in the search box. You will see CREATE AN ACCOUNT. You will click here.



Now a form will appear in front of you. You will fill this form.

  • Give your first and last name first.
  • Then give your username or address. (EXAMPLE: ABCD@GMAIL.COM)
  • Then you will give a strong password. The password must be eight digits.
  • Then confirm the password and click on the Next button.
  • Clicking on the Next button will bring up another webpage in front of you

Will ask for the phone number. You will give a phone number. Recovery will then give you a mail address (this is optional).

Then give your date of birth, month, and year. Then click on the Next button again. Then a 6-digit verification code will come to the number you gave and you will submit with that code. Then you will ask for some permissions on your device and you will ALLOW the permissions. Then the Gmail account will be logged into your device, you can use this account now.

This way you can create a Gmail account in a very professional way with the mobile or computer in your hand. We hope you enjoy this post. You can share our post with your friends.

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