Cashout with Nogod will cost 9.99 Taka.


I hope you are all well and healthy. Those of us who use mobile banking are more or less familiar with Nogod.

Nogod has come up with a cash out offer for all of us. Today we will try to find out about this new cashout offer in Nogod hope you all enjoy reading today's post.

 The cash cashout offer is that from now on, if you cash out your money using the Nogod application, you will have to spend Tk 9.99 per thousand excluding VAT. And if you cashout using the application, your cost will be 11.49 BDT including VAT.

And if you cash out Nogod by dialing the USD code of your mobile, you will have to spend BDT12.99 per thousand without VAT. And your cost including VAT will be 14.99 BDT per thousand.

The lowest cash out charge in the country.

This is the first time in the history of mobile banking in the country that the digital transactions of the postal department have come with the facility of cashing out at the lowest cost. Now you can cash out at only 9 taka 99 paisa (per thousand) in the 'cash' app and you can cash out at USSD at 12 taka 99 paisa (per thousand). Proportional charges are applicable for any amount of cash out. See details in the table below. Now do the transaction at low cost as you wish.

* VAT prescribed by the government is applicable

· The app shows a cash out charge of BDT 11.49 per thousand (up to two decimal places) where the actual amount is BDT 11.465 and the USSD shows a charge of  BDT 14.94 per thousand (up to two decimal places) where the actual amount 14.9375.

In the context of the above conditions, it should be noted that if any discrepancy is observed between the charges displayed on the App, USSD (SMS) and the 'Cash' website, the charge displayed on the 'Nogod' website will be preferred.

In this situation of the country, follow the hygiene rules announced by the government, stay healthy. Stay with ‘cash’.

How to cash out:

1. Go to the Cash Entrepreneur Point

2. Log in to your cash app or dial * 16 7#, select “Cash-Out” option and tap “From Uddokta” option

3. Scan the QR code or type the entrepreneur number

4. Give your cash out amount

5. Type your PIN number (keep your PIN number secret)

. Confirm the transaction


Cash-out! You and the entrepreneur will both receive a confirmation message from Cash. Count well after receiving money from the entrepreneur. Sign the Entrepreneur Register before leaving the counter.

I hope you all like this cash out offer. You can share our post with your friends. Stay tuned for new posts.



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