Snapdragon vs Mediatek

In today's world of smart phones we all dance to Snapdragon and MediaTek (there are others but talk about these two) chipsets, but many people don't know which one is which, which one is good or which one is bad.

Two types of chipsets are commonly used in smartphones. (There are more, but the two most widely used ones) are Snapdragon and MediaTek.

First of all, let's talk about the chipset issue.

Simple example, can be compared with a packet of chips. The ones we eat. You will see a packet of chips, it contains a lot of chips. In fact, the packet of chips is the chipset, and the chips inside are each chip. That is, the chipset is the sum of all the chips that control the mobile. This chipset contains the processor, graphics, wireless connection system and all the other chips, each of which manages all the activities of the mobile.

So the question is what is the relationship between the chipset and the processor?

The chipset is the heart of the mobile, which conducts all the activities of the mobile, and that chipset contains the processor, the chipset controls the mobile and the processor speeds it up. Naturally, if the chipset gives a better version and the processor is powerful, both Milo mobiles will give full fan performance.

Chipset: -

Snapdragon / SD

Snapdragon is currently a processor manufactured by the American company Qualcomm. For which it is called Qualcomm Snapdragon. Its production started in San Diego, USA. The Snapdragon processor is configured in several cores. Dual core (2 cores), Quad core (4 cores), Hexa core (8 cores), Octa core (8 cores)Core). Snapdragon's most powerful latest processor to date is the SD 855+. The Snapdragon chipset SOC has a CPU, GPU (adreno graphics), image processor, media processor, DSP (digital signal processor), cellular modem unit, WiFi module, radio module, GPS module and more. All of these modules and processors make their chips expensive.

Battery life

The Snapdragon chipset offers the best battery life in terms of efficiency compared to all other chipsets. In other words, it gives better performance, charges and costs much less than that.


The Snapdragon chipset provides the best performance. It is very effective in multi-tasking, gaming, heavy and intensive work management. Uradhura is able to give performance in less RAM.

Overheating problems

Snapdragon processors typically (with the exception of the Snapdragon 810 chipset) generate much less heat than MediaTek. In addition, some devices generate more heat, mainly due to the phone's software and battery.


In graphics they use their own graphics Adreno graphics. Here both CPU and GPU provide the best efficiency. Snapdragon also does a lot of research on SOC.

Popular versions of Snapdragon:

  • 1.Snapdragon 400(3G Chipset) 2.Snapdragon 410(4G Chipset)
  • Snapdragon 600 Series (Hexa Core)
    1.Snapdragon 650 2.Snapdragon 652
  • Snapdragon 800 Series (Octa Core)
    1.Snapdragon 820 2.Snapdragon 810 3.Snapdragon 835(The number of cores may vary depending on the frequency)

MediaTek: (Mediatek / MTK)

This is the Taiwanese chipset. They make processors like two, four cores, eight cores, ten cores. That is, Deka also makes up the core.

Battery life

MediaTek chipset uses a lot more battery in terms of performance. It lags far behind in terms of battery life due to high core usage. Even if you don't use the phone, you have to take some charge due to the large number of cores, which is called Battery Draining.


Their processor is quite good in performance. MediaTek processors are capable of doing intensive and heavy tasks due to the extra core and they are very good at multi. Its cores can provide maximum efficiency if there is enough RAM. Otherwise it can sometimes fall asleep!

Overheating problems

The biggest problem is that it is very hot. More heat is generated due to more cores. Which can affect the battery a lot of the time.


MediaTek Mali uses graphics. Which is third party graphics, which makes the CPU and GPU different and its performance all together can not give a very good timing. As a result, its graphics performance is not so good.

Popular versions of Mediatek

Mediatek Processors – MT6752, MT6582, MT6592, MT6595, MT6732, MT6735, MT6737, MT6738, MT6750, MT6752, MT6753, MT6795, Helio X20, Helio X25, Helio P60.

Besides, MediaTek does not do any research, they just buy all the parts and make and sell SOCs.

Overall, considering the price, the Snapdragon chipset is the best. Not just good, best. And MediaTek is not bad. Because, when there was no Snapdragon, but MediaTek gave us a taste of smartphones. But when Snapdragon is on the same budget, taking MediaTek is nothing but nonsense.

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