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Make money by writing in Bengali.

Assalamualaikum brothers, how are you all I hope you are much better by the grace of God.

Friends, we are all in lockdown right now. Friends can earn some money inside this lock-down if you want. Now a question may come to your mind that it is very difficult to earn money online. And even harder to bring money into our hands. If this question comes to the mind of friends, then there is no need to work in the online sector. If you can write Bengali then you can earn money like others. Because today I will share a few Bangladeshi websites through which you can earn a lot of money by writing Bangla at home. Again he will be able to withdraw money through development. So let's start writing today's post without talking too much.

Friends, what do you need to earn money by writing in Bengali?

You have a mobile phone or a laptop or computer. Good internet connection, bKash account

And Bangla typing speed is a lot. If you have these things, you can earn money by writing in Bengali.


What topics will I write about? (Make money by writing in Bengali.)

You can write on different topics. But if you write outside their category, your hard-written post may not be approved. The other categories are: - Science and Technology, Education, Entertainment, Country News, Reviews, Internet, Sports, Lifestyle and more and more can be written here according to different categories.

On which websites can you earn money by writing Bangla?

There are different types of websites through which Bangla can be written. I will give you how many websites through which you can write your favorite words in Bengali and earn money.



Link: https://grathor.com/earning-program/?mref=Habib212


This is the best website in Bangladesh to write in Bengali can be written in different categories here / the price of each post here is ten rupees and if it is a good post then 100 Tk is paid.

2. IncomeTunes

Link: https://www.incometunes.com/register?mref=Habib212

This is also one of the best websites in Bangladesh to write in Bengali can be written in different categories here / each post here costs ten Tk.


Best Article Writting  Website And Earn Huge Earn Money.



Ordinary IT

You can earn a lot of money by working on this website but people are picked here. Here you can earn money by working permanently. If you want to work on this website you have to be a good content writer then you will be employed here. And from here you can withdraw your earned money through development. 



Those of you who can write good Bengali can start work by registering.

This is a good website to earn money in Bangladesh. You will get a good amount of money from these four websites at the end of the month. The more posts you write here, the more money you will earn. And you can withdraw money from this website if the minimum is 1000 Tk.

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