Rules for viewing HSC results of 2020.

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Those of us who were preparing for the HSC exam in 2020 could not take the HSC exam due to the Corona epidemic. Their results were published today, January 30.

Those of you who used to take HSC exams this time. Autopass has been announced by the government for them. Everyone is waiting for your desired result to come to you. Today we will show you how you can be the first to see the results of your HSC exam 2020 online.

                             Rules for viewing results via mobile SMS:

Go to the message option on your mobile. Then

HSC <Space> The first 3 letters of the board from which you are taking the exam <Space> Your roll number <Space> The year you take the exam.

Then send it to 16222. ৩ 2.30 per SMS will be deducted.

Example: HSC Dha 423065 2012 send to 16222

                  Rules for viewing results from the website:

First click here or

· Now select SSC if you are SSC examinee and HSC if you are HSC examinee

· Select Year You publish the result that year.

· Select the board from which you took the test.

Roll will be your SSC / HSC bowl number.

· Now click on the Submit button. The result will appear in front of you.

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