Bangladesh to shut illegal, fake mobile phones from 2021.

Bangladesh to shut illegal, fake mobile phones from 2021.
The Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) wants to start automated activities to stop illegal mobile phones from July 1. Shyamsunder Sikder, the new chairman of the company, said that even if this technology is introduced, the illegal mobile phones in people's hands will not be stopped. However, from now on, no illegal mobile phone network can be turned on.

The BTRC chairman said this while exchanging views with journalists on Thursday. It was further informed that on January 18, the mobile operators will start giving information to BTRC about the new phone network by hand or by manual system. It will take a little extra time to identify the illegal mobile phones. If the automated system is introduced later, it will be caught in a short time whether the mobile phone is legal or illegal.

To verify whether the mobile phone is official or unofficial, BTRC has entered into an agreement with an organization called Synesis IT to launch and operate this system called National Equipment Identity Register (NEIR). According to the agreement, a technical solution is to be made by June 9 to stop their illegal mobile phones.

According to BTRC, about 145 million IMEI numbers have been added to their database so far. There is information of 6 crore 19 lakh mobile phone sets. The company's director general (systems and services) Brigadier General. Nasim Parvez said that if NEIR is launched from July 1, the mobile phones in the hands of the customers will be registered automatically.

BTRC highlighted the progress of telecommunication sector from December 2019 to November 2020. According to the company, the number of mobile phone subscribers has increased by 2.7 million during the period under review. Internet subscribers have increased by 1 crore 11 lakh. Fourth generation Internet service Four-G subscribers have increased by 16 million. Bandwidth usage has increased from 634 Gbps to 1,628 Gbps. The price of bandwidth has been reduced by Rs 50 to Rs 350 per Mbps.
There are allegations that there are multiple mobile phones with the same IMEI number in the market. Again, many mobile phones are brought with tax evasion. Some mobile phones were stolen. Asked about the illegal mobile phones, BTRC chairman Shamsunder Sikder said, "We are thinking of not disturbing the existing mobile phones."

The BTRC has taken steps to curb illegal mobile phones by importing tax evasion, using the same IMEI number in the fake mobile phone market and stopping the use of stolen phones. According to the people concerned,About 25-30 percent of smartphones in the country are imported illegally, due to which the government loses revenue of Tk 1,000 to 1,200 crore.

Earlier, the BTRC had said that in case of a personal gift from abroad, a gift or a mobile phone bought online, registration would be given after verifying the receipt. In case of receiving gifts from abroad, sufficient proof has to be shown. The same person repeatedly giving gifts, it can not be shown.
Besides, BTRC said, there are now 12 mobile phone factories in the country. In the last one and a half years, 3 crore 36 lakh mobile phone sets have been made in them.

The BTRC chairman said he started discussions with stakeholders soon after joining. Knowing the problems. Solve the problem step by step. Will work to improve the quality of customer service.

BTRC Vice Chairman Subrata Roy Maitra, Commissioner Abu Syed Diljar Hussain, Director General of Spectrum Brigadier General. Shahidul Alam, Director General of Engineering and Operations Brigadier General. Ehsanul Kabir, Director General of Legal and Licensing Ashish Kumar Kundu, Director General of Administration. Delwar Hossain was present. BTRC Deputy Director (Media) Zakir Hossain Khan conducted the program.

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