How To Change Bkash Pin Code 2024

How To Change Your Bkash  Pin Code
Our topic today is how to change the development pin? Let's see how the forgotten pin code can be reset. If you have a bKash account, you can read today's post.

At present, the use of development is increasing day by day. There is no pair of mobile banking development. Bkash application has come up with various features. We all want to use what we see.

Development is required to do all transactions. Personal 8 Pin code. Is it possible to keep the security of bKash account safe by keeping PIN number and keeping it secret?

You may forget the PIN code of your bKash account for various reasons. Today in this post I will tell you how to change the pin code of your bKash account.

If you forget the PIN, bKash Mobile Banking gives you the opportunity to reset a temporary PIN by resetting it to a new one.

This is usually done by calling 16247 at bKash Customer Care. In addition, you will receive a temporary PIN for a new PIN reset with the appropriate personal information through bKash's official Facebook page and bKash's e-mail.

In the current development service, you can now verify your own account by dialing the USD code and get a temporary PIN.

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Now I will show you how to do it.

First you go to the dial pad on your mobile and dial * 247 #. After dialing, go to option 9 and dial PIN reset. The next step is to enter the voter ID card or driving license number that was issued when you opened your bKash account.

The next step is to give four numbers of the year of birth. Then in the last 90 days, he has to give any information about his last 10 outgoing transactions. And if there is no transaction, click on the 'No Transaction' option. If the customer can pay everything correctly then you will get 5 secret PIN. This way you can reset the development pin.

I have written a little more so that you can easily change the development pin code.

* First you dial * 247 # on the dial pad of your mobile.

* A "pop up" will appear in front of you, you will now select the number 7 button.

* After clicking on this option of My Development, you will see this menu of Change Mobile PIN.

* You will now type 1 and click on the send button.

* Click on the send button again with the old pin code of your development.

* Now enter the new 5 digit pin code of your choice.

* Now you enter a 4 digit PIN.

You have now successfully changed your development PIN

This is how you can change your development pin number. If you like this post, you can share it.

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