What Is Computer? Who invented computer?


What Is Computer
I hope you are all well. Those of us who use computers must have a little idea about computers Many of us who use new computers do not know what a computer is. And who is the founder of computer? Today through this post you will be able to know some basic information of computer.

What is Computer? 

Computer is a modern electronic device. Which means calculator. The word Computer originates from the Latin word Coputare.

Many used to do computer calculations in advance. But at the present time many complex calculations can be done accurately with a computer. Besides, various things can be done with computer.

Computers can perform billions of complex calculations in seconds. The speed of working on a computer is calculated in nanoseconds.

There are many circuits inside the computer. The activity is conducted through the flow of electrons in the computer. Computer programming language is based on electronic signals.

Definition of computer: -

A computer is a special device designed to solve a variety of problems. The computer can memorize many instructions at once and execute all the instructions accurately and quickly one by one if necessary.

Who is the father of computer?

The father of the modern computer is the scientist Charles Babbage. He was simultaneously an English instrumentalist, mathematician, inventor and philosopher.

Charles Babbage was born in 1891 in London.

He invented the first mechanical device in 1810 to calculate numbers and tables. It was with this in mind that by 1830 he planned to make a device that would be operated with a punched card. And be able to perform one task after another. This is the device

Is regarded as the first version of the modern computer. And the analytical engine could mechanically solve various mathematical problems. Many of the features of this engine are very important in today's modern computer design. And that's why Charles Babbage, the father of computers, is called.

These were little ideas about modern computers. Those of you who are using new computers will benefit a lot from reading this post.

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