How to make oxygen at home? Topic is trending in Google search.

How to make oxygen at home? Topic is trending in Google search.

 We are currently in a very pandemic situation. Because our corona virus is increasing day by day. In this situation, there is a lack of oxygen in many places, so a topic was searched many times on Google. Read this post to find out more about this topic.

Corona infections are on the rise in India and around the world. The picture is different in different parts of the country, in different hospitals. No bed, crying for oxygen. And in one of these situations, the most searched people on Google are: "How to make oxygen at home?" Someone is trying again: "How to make an oxygen tank at home?" Google has become a trending topic in India since the beginning of the oxygen crisis.

The problem first came to the attention of the huge Gondal, the founder of the fitness brand Goqii and NCore Games. This NCore Games is the developer of the FAU-G games. In a tweet, he posted "How to make oxygen at home," with a screenshot of him searching for him on Google. You can try it yourself if you want. How to make Oxyegen at home? If you search by typing, you will see the object better,

As soon as the question comes to our mind, let's take a closer look at some of Google's recent trends. For this we go to Google Trends first and notice the trends a week before and a month before. And we're a little surprised to see the results from that Google Trends! According to Google Trends yesterday, the search value of "How To Make Oxygen At Home" is close to 100. But even a week ago, the picture was completely different. By April 15, the research value in this regard was between 10 and 15. Now you understand where the demand for oxygen has come across the country.

The question is, which states of the country are being asked about how to get more oxygen at home? Gujarat is first with 60, followed by Maharashtra with 49, Uttar Pradesh with 55 and Madhya Pradesh with 48. On the other hand, "How To Make Oxygen" has also noticed a big change in the search trend. Yesterday 37 Google Trends search values ​​were noted. A week ago that number was close to 5. Here too Gujarat 87 is first, followed by Maharashtra 61 and Uttar Pradesh 55, and just a month earlier, a few days after Holi, the value of these two searches in Google Trends was only 4.

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