How To Shorten Link From Bitly?

How To Shorten Link From Bitly

 Hope everybody is well. Those of us who work on different topics online often visit different websites. Again, many times you have to market the link of the website on various social media websites. But a lot of times social media blocks or cancels our links because we share these extra links. So if we share a link to our website or any other website in a slightly different way then it seems that these social media will not block our link. So I will share a link sharing method. I hope you all like this method.

The method is to shorten the link. The links we have to the website are relatively larger than we need to be, so no one clicks on those links. If you shorten the link to your website or blog site, you are more likely to click on the published link.

How do I shorten the link from bitly?

There are many websites or apps that shorten the link so that the link gets shortened as soon as you enter the link. But today I will introduce you to one of the most popular websites. Many people are probably familiar with this site. The name of the website is "Bitly". I hope many people recognize this time.

Bitly Website:

To shorten your website or any link, copy the link that you will shorten. After copying, you will go to Google and search by typing "bitly". After searching, you will see the website first, you will enter the first site. After doing so, you will see a box by scrolling down a bit. Copy and paste the link into this box. After pasting, look to the right and you will see the text "Shorten". If you click on "Shorten", your link will be shortened or shortened.

Now you can share this link anywhere. But if you share this link too many times, you are more likely to cancel this short link.

There are also many websites for shortening links. We will share everything slowly for you. You have to be with us for this.

We hope you all enjoy this post. You can share our posts with your brides.

Thanks for staying with us.

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