How To Download Annihilation Game Beta Version ?

Annihilation Game Beta Version Download!


After a long wait, the beta version of the annihilation game was finally released on the Google Play Store. The Annihilation game was supposed to be released on April 30, but it was a little late for Coronation on the Google Play Store. But due to some problems with annihilation, many of us could not access the game properly. Finally, we were able to download this game from Google Play Store or other stores. Today we will show through this post how to download the beta version of the animation game


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 Download Annihilation Game Beta Version Download


Annihilation Bangladeshi First Battle Royale Games 2021.

Update: 11 May 2021

Hello, the developer team recently released the demo version of this game. To get the beta version download. Below I give a link to download the demo version Apk download from the Google play store. Beta version of Annihilation Mobile has been released on Play Store. To join the beta program, open the link with the Chrome browser. Then press the Join Beta option. Instantly get the link of the game in the Play Store and install it directly from there. If the install option does not appear in the Play Store even after joining Beta, then go down and click on “Re-Join”. Then you can install the installation option from there.

How do I download the beta version of the animation game?

Download the demo version step by step:

Step1:visit this link

Step 2: Now click here Become a Tester.

Step 3: Now you will be taken to the next page. You can click Download It Google Play.

The steps will be taken to your download place. You can download the beta version of the game on your mobile now

Play the demo version of the animation game.

Again, many people have encountered a problem while downloading this animation game, they have also been given a solution to this problem.

The problem is: -

Whenever you click on the link to download this game, a text appears on this page. Now how to solve this problem?

To solve this problem, after you follow the steps above, when you download the game on your mobile, scroll down a bit and you will see Removing From Beta. Now you will click Rejoin here.

You will see that your problem has been solved. You can now install and play the animation game on your mobile.

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Since this game is from Bangladesh, it is a Battle Royale game, so in the first place there may be some bugs, lags and other problems in the game and the graphics of the game may be a little bad so support this game without highlighting the bad side of the game. This will be able to re-present Bangladesh. Those of us who play Pubg or Free-Fire look at them from the east and we see that the graphics of them and the game were not so good. So we need to support this game.

Annihilation Bangladeshi First Battle Royale Games 2021.

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