A few websites that are useful in the freelancing sector!

A few websites that are useful in the freelancing sector!
Those of us who are freelancers need different websites or tools at different times. Today we will share some websites that can be useful for your freelancing or other purposes.

The first website we will discuss in detail is:


This is an image compression tool that allows you to optimize the images on your website. Image optimization is very important if you are working on freelancing or speed optimization for your website or doing SEO then you can use this website to optimize the image of your buyer or your blog site or website. You can use this website to optimize up to 20 images and up to 5 megabytes at a time. And only JPG and PNG format images can be optimized on this website.

You can use another website as an alternative to this website. And that website is-


This is also one of the best websites to optimize the image of a website. This website can be used to compress images in different formats. However, there are some differences between Tinypng and this website. Tinypng website can be optimized for 20 images at a time, but this can be optimized by uploading one image using this website.


Canva is an onlinebase photo editing website. Through which you can edit all the featured images of your website. If you do Youtube then you need a professional thumbnail you can create a good quality thumbnail using this canvas website if you want. The Cannava website is also used for blogging featured images and Facebook cover design, social media post design, etc. Intro and outro can also be created for YouTube. And if you want to buy Canvas Ax for Lifetime, you need to purchase the Canva Pro version.

An alternative to the Canvas website is another online photo editing website:


It is also used for online photo editing or graphics work. You can do all kinds of work on this website like Cannava website. Such as: - Image editing, creating featured images for blogging websites, creating thumbnails for YouTube, etc. can be done through this site, but not unlimited work can be done, here you can edit and download five images per month.


Remove.bg is a popular online photo background removal website. If you upload any image here, the background of that image is automatically removed. This website is used many times. For those of us who remove the background of Photoshop or any other photo, it takes a long time to remove the background, but using this website, the background of any photo can be removed with just one click. And now the funny thing is that besides removing the background, you can also edit the image through this website. This website is used many times every day.

Adobe Photoshop Express

This is the online version of Adobe Photoshop which means you can use this website to do some of the work in Photoshop. For example: - You can do a lot of work including background removal, image resize, image color filtering. The advantage here is that you can download high resolution images after removing the background of any image. Even if the background of the image could be removed on the previous Remove.bg website, the high resolution image could not be downloaded.


Video background can be removed using this website. This website is best for those who do youtube. Those who do YouTube have to remove the background from the video at different times by making a green screen video then editing the background then removing the other background but if you use this website then video anywhere and then that video clip is on this website Once uploaded, the background of that video will be removed. You can then take your video to the next level by setting any background you like.

Flat UI Colors

This website can be very useful for those who work with web development. With this website you can use your color in any design or anywhere. If you click on any color, the code of that color will be copied and then you can use it for your required work.

CSS Gradient.io

Using this website, the color gradient of any website i.e. two colors or many colors can be picked together. Color gradients can be picked up from this website for any design related work and used for design or web work.

We hope you find these websites useful. If you like our post, you can share it with your friends.

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