Connect to WiFi without password.

Connect to WiFi without password.
When a guest comes to our house, first of all we want the password of WiFi. Although all WiFi networks are password protected, almost all router manufacturers offer the ability to access the network in any way other than the password. Today we will share through this post how to connect to WiFi without Password.

Using WPS: If you have WPS Enabled on your router, you can log in without a password. Take a look at how to do it through this post.

 First open the settings of your smartphone.

Now select WiFi in the Network section.

Select Advanced Settings.

Select Connect by WPS Button.

Now press the WPS button on the router. Holding down this button on the router for 30 seconds will connect your phone to the WiFi network.

After that your phone will automatically connect to this router every time.

Guest mode without password on router -

Guest networks can be created on some routers. You can temporarily enable this option to give the guest WiFi access.

Type or in the address bar of your computer's browser.

Log in with username and password. If you do not know the password, try "Admin".

Once logged in, select Guest Network from WiFi Settings and Enable it.

 Enter the name of the guest network. Leave the safety field blank.

Login WIFi with QR code-

WiFi login via QR code is relatively complex. It is possible to log in easily by typing the password. Take a look at how to scan a QR code and log in to a WiFi network.


How to do it from laptop Or PC -

 Open the website on the laptop.

Select the Wifi Login option on the left side here.

Now enter the SSID and password of the network.

The QR code will then appear at the top of the display. Scan this QR code from the smartphone.

After scanning, select Connect to this network.

How to do it from a smartphone-

Install WiFiKeyShare from Play Store.

 Install this app on your friend's smartphone.

 Now ask the friend to give the network SSID and password.

This time the QR code will appear on the display of the friend's phone.

Scan this code and log in.

I hope you like these tips. Visit our website to know about this type of tech.

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