10 input devices for computers

Knowing about input devices can help you prepare for BCS or Govt-Private job exams. Because in the previous year's questions, many questions related to input devices came into the exam. So those of you who are preparing for the BCS exam this year, what is the input device? 

10 input devices for computers

You can learn about input devices. Today's post is about computer input devices. So you read today's post carefully from beginning to end.

Brief information about input devices

Devices or devices which provide various types of information to the computer are generally called input devices. An input device is a type of hardware device. With the help of these devices, we can provide any information to the computer. Some of the input devices are - a keyboard, mouse, scanner, graphics tablet, OCR, OMR, digital camera, etc.

What are input devices?

There are many requirements for input devices in using a computer. Because it is not possible to operate a computer without an input device. Input devices are required to provide any information to the computer. Those of you who will participate in the BCS exam this year can learn about input devices. Below are the input devices:

Examples of some input devices

  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Graphics Tablets
  • Microphone
  • OMR (Optical Mark Recognition)
  • Scanner
  • Webcam
  • Barcode reader
  • Joystick
  • Trackball
  • TouchPad


A keyboard is used for writing on a computer. All commands are indicated by typing with the keyboard. A keyboard is an input device that is very necessary in using a computer. Almost every keyboard has different types of keys for operating the computer. For example, number keys, function keys, special keys, arrow keys, alphabet keys, etc. Each key on the keyboard is used for a different function. For example, numbers are input with number keys, English-Bengali letters or letters are input with alphabet keys, and various commands are input with function keys.


The mouse is a very important input device in computer usage. The main function of the mouse is to provide different types of instructions. Operating a computer without a mouse is very difficult. To select something, you can easily select it with the mouse pointer. The mouse is mostly used for drawing pictures and doing graphics work. Commands are given to the computer by pressing the mouse button. So it is an important input device.

Graphics Tablets

This input device is used to design computer drawings, animations, and graphics. It has a special pen that makes it easy to draw anything. In fact, drawing on a graphics tablet can be done in the same way as drawing can be done using paper, pen, or paint. This device enables handwritten and digital signatures on computers.


The microphone is used to record any sound on the computer. Microphones can convert sound waves into electrical signals. The computer can store this energy in its memory. It is used as an important input device. There are different types of microphones. Like- Dynamic Microphone, Condenser Microphone, Ribbon Microphone, USB Microphone, Lavalier Microphone, Shotgun Microphone, etc.

OMR (Optical Mark Recognition)

OMR is an input device that can recognize any pen or pencil ink marks. It is typically used to capture human-identified data from documents or forms. Moreover, OMR is used for the verification of exam answer sheets, market surveys, census, etc.


This input device is used to scan a document into the computer. Any text or document image is input through it. A copy of it goes to the computer and can be stored edited and sent from one place to another.


The sensor is an input device. It is a type of device that can detect any signal. Different types of sensors are used to detect different signals. For example: light sensors, sound sensors, etc.


Webcams are used for online meetings on computers. It acts as an important input device. It is a video camera that can provide real-time image or video input to the computer. Used for internet video chatting, video recording, etc.

Barcode reader

A Barcode reader is an optical or light input device used by the computer. A barcode consists of several bars or lines of different widths arranged horizontally. 

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It is also called Universal Product Code. You will see this barcode on the package of your product when you buy the product from the store. Here the bill containing the information like name of the item, name of the manufacturer, price, etc. is generated.


Joysticks are generally used to play games on computers. It is an important input device for every gamer. Moving the vertical bar of the joystick by hand moves the computer mouse pointer. Joystick helps every gamer to play his favorite games.


A trackball is a type of input device. Which is mostly used in a notebook or laptop computer instead of the mouse. It is a ball that is half inserted into the mouse and the pointer can be moved by moving the finger on the ball. This input device makes it easy to use computer devices.


Touchpad is generally used in using laptops. The touchpad is located below the laptop keyboard. It can be said that touchpad is used in laptops as an alternative to mouse. So it works as an input device.

Conclusion: 10 input devices for computers

The input device is very important for using the computer. So we need to know about input devices. Those of you who are preparing for BCS or government-private job exams this year can strengthen your exam preparation by knowing what are the input devices. Also, read General Computer Knowledge for job exam preparation.

If you have anything to know about “What are input devices” then you can comment below this post. Also, feel free to share this post with your friends if you find it informative. Thank you!

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