10 output device names Of Computer

10 output device names - The present age is the age of computers. No work can be planned without the use of the computer. 

10 output device name

Many of us use computers but many of us may not know the name of the computer's output device. Their purpose is what today's post is about. Dear readers, today I will discuss with you 10 output device names in detail. So please read today's post completely.

What is the output device?

The output device which after processing the input data, gives the output is called the output device. In simple terms, devices that display the results of work are essentially output devices.

In This Article Today we will discuss with you 10 output device name. 

What are the output devices?

Output devices are used to output any information, graphics, audio, or data from the computer. That is, the data, information, graphics, video, audio, etc. that we work on the computer. And those we can see hear and use are the output devices. Our devices are monitors, printers, speakers, headphones, projectors, touchscreens, and braille readers.

10 output device name

In order to have knowledge about computers, we have to have knowledge about all the devices of computers. In various competitive exams or in BCS exams there are different types of questions about computer output devices. So you can strengthen your exam preparation by knowing the ten output device names in advance. Below are 10 output device names of the computer 

Examples of output devices

What is the function of the output device the names of some output devices are given below-

  1. Monitor
  2. Plotter
  3. Projector
  4. Speaker
  5. GPS
  6. Multimedia player
  7. Graphics card
  8. Braille Reader
  9. Printer
  10. Earphone


10 output device name

The most important output device of the computer is the monitor, which is a type of device that allows each user to see various information on the computer. It is not possible to see information on a computer without a monitor. A computer needs a monitor to do any work. A monitor is a computer display unit or screen. The monitor displays the data coming from the computer in the form of text, image, or video.


10 output device name

A plotter is usually used to print advanced large-size images. So it is also an output device. From printing different types of banners, all the work of 3D printing is done with the help of a plotter. Different big political, waz mahfil, billboards, and various posters are printed with the help of plotters.


10 output device name

A projector is a device that helps project images on a small screen onto a large screen. It is an output device. By creating a special project with the help of a computer, that project is viewed through a projector at the same meeting. Especially in cinema halls movies are shown through projectors.


10 output device name

Speakers are output devices that convert electrical signals into sound. A speaker is an output device very familiar to all of us. Speakers are used to listen to movies, songs, videos, etc. on the computer. The speaker is a very important output device of the computer.


10 output device name

GPS or Global Positioning System is a satellite-based navigation system that uses radio signals to locate a specific location. It is an output device.

Multimedia player

10 output device name

Multimedia players help to play any multimedia file. Such as audio, video, and pictures. They are commonly found in computers, televisions, digital audio players, and other devices. There are different types of multimedia file formats. For example: PNG, MPEG, GIF, JPEG MP3, AAC, WMA, AVI, and MP4 are supported by all multimedia players. A multimedia player is an output device.

Graphics card

10 output device name

To enhance the graphics quality on the computer, this external peripheral device can be used. If you are a gamer or do high-level work on a computer then you definitely need a graphics card.

Braille Reader

10 output device name

An important output device for the visually impaired is the Braille reader. A braille reader is a print output device that is externally connected to a computer. It is an output device.


10 output device name

A printer is an output device that receives various types of information from a computer and converts it to paper or some other medium. It is also an important output device of the computer. Any information, documents, and pictures can be printed through the printer and they can be used for our needs.

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Various types of printers are available in the market. But before buying a printer you need to think about what you need your printer for. It should be purchased with thought. A printer is an output device.


10 output device name

On the computer, we watch videos as well as listen to audio. We usually use speakers to listen to audio. But the sound that is required to play a movie, song, or game, the output is earphones or headphones. Basically, we use earphones or headphones to listen to audio. 

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There are different models and prices of earphones and headphones available in the market. You can buy them.

10 input devices and 10 output devices

To use the computer we need to use some input output devices. It is not possible to use the computer without them. Below are the names of some input and output devices:

Name some input devices

  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Joystick
  • microphone
  • Scanner

Name some output devices

  • Monitor
  • Plotter
  • Projector
  • Speaker
  • GPS

Last word:10 output device name

To use the computer we need to know the name of the output device. Output devices enable users to see, hear, and print information from the computer, and experience 3D models as well as see them. Hence the need for computer output devices. Dear readers, today I have discussed with you in detail about 10 output device names in Bengali. If today's post is informative, you can share it with your friends. Also, know what is digital computer. thank you.

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