How to earn money daily without investment 2024

How to earn money daily without investment - To survive we need money constantly to carry on our daily life. So we have to earn money. Currently, it is quite difficult to get a government job according to the situation in India Or Bangladesh. And I did not talk about the private sector.

How to earn money daily without investment 2024

There are many of us who want to earn rupees daily. But how to earn  rupees per day is not possible due to lack of proper information. Dear readers, today I will discuss with you several ways you can earn 400,500 rupees daily. So you must read this post from beginning to end.

Some talk about daily earn money 

We all want to earn money daily, but we can't earn money because we don't know the best way. You must work hard to earn money in an honest way. Because it is possible to earn money without hard work and patience. You can definitely make money a day if you work regularly in the right way.

But now everything is online based, you can earn thousands of rupees online by acquiring a good skill. So anyway, in today's post, I will discuss how you can earn up to rupees daily. So read the below section carefully.

how to earn money daily With Invest

You can earn a good amount of money from any sector. if you know how to earn money daily With Invest Daily. But for this, you need to work with hard work, time, and patience. In this part of this post, you will know how you can earn money. The ways to earn Rs 400 Or 500 per day are mentioned below.

  • Sells tea and coffee
  • Sells street food
  • Trades in clothes
  • Chicken business
  • Sells cosmetics products

The above list mentions how many ways you can earn Rs 400 Or 500 daily. If you choose a good job of your choice from here you can start earning.

Sells tea and coffee

If you want to earn money daily, then you can easily earn money by selling tea and coffee and even earn up to a thousand taka a day. It requires a small shop and some accessories. You can start with a small amount, and then if the sales increase, you can start on a larger scale.

Sells street food

In urban areas of Bangladesh, various types of food can be seen selling in vans on the side of the road. We call them street food. If you want to earn money daily, you can sell different types of food. You can do this business without any shop rent.

Trades in clothes

Why you can earn thousands of rupees a day by trading clothes 400 500 rupees daily. Because new clothes are sold every day. And the more clothes your shop sells, the more your income will be. But this business is not for everyone, only those who can invest more money here can do this business.

Chicken business

If you want to earn rupees money daily you can start the chicken business. Currently, the demand for chicken business is very high. Also, you can earn rupees daily by selling chicken eggs. If you want, you can start this business by buying some chickens at home.

Sells cosmetics products

If you want to earn money daily then you can earn by selling cosmetics products. Because girls need to buy a lot of cosmetics so they can start this business and earn money.

How to earn money daily without investment - earn money online 

You can read the above part to know how to make rupees daily. In the above section, we have discussed how you can earn money in real life. Now I will discuss in detail how you will earn 400 500 taka daily online. Mentioned below are the ways to earn daily online.

  • Online store with Facebook 
  • Content writing service
  • Micro jobs work 
  • Shopup Reseller
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Website design
  • graphics Design
  • Video editing
  • Data entry
  • Works on mobile apps

Online store with Facebook Page

If you have a shop or if you have a business, you can offer an online store. Because nowadays everyone prefers to shop for their favorite things sitting at home. So you can provide an online store according to your business organization. All it needs is a Facebook page. But having a website is good.

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Then you can earn money if your customers order. Earning money daily from here is no problem.

Content Writing Service

Currently, one of the most popular ways to earn money online is through content writing. There are many big blog sites in Bangladesh where new Bengali or English articles are needed every day. If you want, you can earn Money daily by writing content here. Some of the most popular websites in Bangladesh are:, Ordinary IT, Pratartan, Ahsan Tech Bangla Blog,, and other popular blog sites in Bangladesh. You can earn money by writing content here.

Micro jobs work

Those who want to earn money daily by doing small jobs online can work on a micro job site. You can earn money by visiting the website, watching YouTube channel videos, or subscribing to or liking the Facebook page. Some of the microjob sites are,,, and There are several microjob sites where you can earn money doing small jobs.

Shopup Reseller

If you want to earn 400 500 rupees daily with your mobile then the Shopup Reseller app will be best for you. First, you have to create an account here and then you have to sell the product at a higher price than the price given here. This is how you can earn money from here.

 Graphics Designs

If you know graphic design work then you can earn 400 500 rupees daily. There are many businessmen on Facebook who want to make logos, banners, posters, etc. for their business, you can earn money a day by doing this.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing means marketing, promoting, or selling Products or Services. Simply put, affiliate marketing is a company that pays you a certain amount of money for a product or service you sell.

For example: Suppose you have an affiliate account from and from there, you sell a Camera. If the price of the camera is Rupees.100,000 / -, and if you get a 5% commission then you will have income. 100000* 5% = 5000 / - Rupees. 

Video Editing 

Currently, the most popular profession is video editing. Its demand is worldwide. From YouTubers to content creators, everyone needs a good video editor. The salary of a video editor is 30 to 40 thousand rupees per month. So if you are a professional video editor, you can do video editing jobs. Or you can do freelancing on Fiver, Upwork, and sites. If you want to learn video editing, there are many types of video editing software including Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Filmora, and Capcut. You can learn.

Conclusion: how to earn money daily without investment

We need to earn money daily to survive. If you know the right way to earn money, you can earn more than 400,500 rupees daily. Dear Readers, Today I have discussed with you in detail how to earn money daily without investment - Free Taka Income. If you find this post informative then share it with your friends. thank you.

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